Sailing is our passion !


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Sailing is our passion !

Sailing is our passion !

After many years of work in Yacht charter in Croatia and boat rental we are looking to setisfied any our guest with a good maintained charter fleet, offering top service, friendly crew and off course as much as possible low rental prices.

Sailing boats can be chartered from several embarkation ports on Adriatic, but also in other countries: Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Seycheles, Thailand...

Hire a motor yacht bareboat or with a skipper from Sibenik, Split, Primosten, Zadar, Trogir.

The most requested for families and friends is catamaran cruising as this multihull boats are bigger, comfortable and offering a lot of space.

But for those who are looking for total relax there are luxury yachts made in stil and elegance where you can combine your holiday with aktivity and relax.

Do not forget the motor sailer cruises on traditional wooden gulets as well, where the domestic food and drinks are offered as an special half or full board option. Mostly this way of boat charter is for bigger groups – whith 12 and more persons.

Whater your preference is, we are sure you will enjoy your vacation. Just choose an nice itinerary to sail and visit nature heritage on the croatian coast and islands in Croatia.

We are proud to say that Sailing is our passion !

Please check our Special Spring and Seasonal Offers and discounts ! For more infos and request please write us on:

Phone: 0049 (0)2151 7892577
Cell: 0049 (0)178 683 0953



Yacht Charter Croatia


* Rental discounts in April & May - up to 35 - 40% *

* June  - up to 25 - 30% *
* July & August  - up to 15 - 20% *
* September & October - up to 15 - 20% *

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  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia
  • Zadar Yacht Charter Croatia



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Zadar › Savjeti › Sailing is our passion !